About CTP

Founded in 1991, the Culinary Training Program (CTP) is a hands-on classical culinary course that prepares students for jobs in the food-service industry. The first 8 weeks take place in our state-of-the-art, 1,500 sqft teaching kitchen. Students spend the last 4 weeks training at renowned LA restaurant kitchens during their 80-hour internship.

CTP Features:

8 week kitchen practicum
4 week internship
ServSafe Certification
Job + Life Skills
Providing Food Demos to Food Pantry
Local Gardening
Guest Chefs
Café Days

Why CTP?

CTP supports students that are often excluded from traditional culinary schools. Whether the barrier be lack of education,

income, or job skills, CTP opens its doors to those who have experienced challenges, and are looking for a fresh start.

CTP not only provides the hard skills necessary to succeed in the culinary industry. We also provide soft skills, motivation, mutual support, wrap-around services, case management, and community connections that are so valuable in ensuring student success.