Bread & Roses Training Kitchen

Founded in 1991, the Bread & Roses Training Kitchen (Formerly CTP) is a hands-on classical culinary course that prepares students for jobs in the food sector.

The program is 12 weeks in duration, the first 8 weeks taking place in the culinary kitchen under the instruction of a professional chef as students learn the practicalities of the skills required for entry level roles. Students assist at the Bread & Roses Café preparing meals for homeless individuals in a dedicated kitchen. Students participate in field trips to local farmers markets and learn about sustainable gardening, growing food, and sourcing high quality raw materials.

The last 4 weeks of training are at renowned LA restaurant kitchens during each 80 hour internship.

Our internship partners ensure that students gain real-world professional experience and have recent work experience on their resumes. Based on their interests, students participate in four-week internships at partner sites ranging from institutional kitchens to fine dining restaurants 80% of students completing internships are hired full-time by their internship site.

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