Alumni Resources


Employment Opportunities

We email job announcements to our alumni. Email us to ensure you are on the list, or to update us with any changes to your contact information.

Stay in Touch!

Make sure you’re in the CTP-know by following us on Instagram @SJCulinary and on facebook @SJCulinary90291

Make Your Voice Heard

Share your thoughts, ideas, and wish list with CTP. Your feedback helps us improve the class and plan for expansion.

Feedback submission form coming soon!

ServSafe Re-Certification

Has your ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification expired? We are now offering Alumni classes and testing for just the cost of the test, $35. Email us to re-certify!

Promote Yourself!

Want to share an accomplishment with the culinary community? We’ll promote it to all of our contacts. We can also feature you on the Culinary Training website and social media accounts. Email us about your new business, a success story and/or accomplishments.

Become a CTP Guest Chef or Mentor!

You remember the challenge of starting off in the culinary industry. Why not share your experience and skills with our new classes.

  • Guest Chef Series – Share your favorite recipe or technique with the class on Guest Chef Day!
  • Mentorship – Take someone under your wing by making yourself available for student questions.
  • Story/Experience Sharing – Tell the class how you got to where you are. Share tips, tricks, and advice.
  • Job Skills Training – Talk about the soft skills you’ve learned on the job.